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Acne In Adult Women

Acne is the most common skin disease that affects males and females of various ages and occurs in every race. In adults though, more women than men are afflicted with acne. Adult women may suffer from acne especially if they were prone to it during their teenage years. In addition pregnancy and coming on or off birth control pills can have a very strong effect on acne breakouts. Acne in adult women can be a result of fluctuating hormones that occur naturally as we mature. Also, some experts have noticed that adult women acne is on the rise and this may be partly because of the stressful lives we lead nowadays. Some women get acne for the first time as adults. Adult women usually get acne on their chins and around their mouths. Although acne is usually not a serious health threat, it can be a source of significant emotional distress.

Acne is caused by overactive oil glands that get clogged. Acne is the term for plugged pores (blackheads and whiteheads), pimples, and even deeper lumps (cysts or nodules) that occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and even the upper arms. Most commonly, acne refers to clogged pores that turn into blackheads and whiteheads. Blackheads result when a pore is partially blocked, allowing some of the trapped sebum (oil), bacteria, and dead skin cells to slowly drain to the surface. Blackheads often take more time to clear up than whiteheads. The black color is not caused by dirt so frequent face washing will not get rid of them. Whiteheads result when a pore is completely blocked, trapping sebum (oil), bacteria, and dead skin cells, causing a white appearance on the surface. Whiteheads are normally disappear quicker than blackheads.


Mistakes To Avoid If You Want 6 Pack Abs

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Acne Myths: True or False? – Acne Medicne

Acne Myths: True or False?

It is perfectly normal for teenagers to have a few pimples, blackheads and whiteheads due to their hormonal changes that take place somewhere between the age of 12 and 17. In order to treat Acne properly we must first see what is true and what is false in all those myths people have about Acne.

Myth no.1: Getting a tan helps Acne disappear.

Even though getting a tan temporarily masks Acne signs it definitely does not help Acne disappear for good. On the contrary, the face skin will only dry up and peel off in the affected areas by Acne and sunburns can occur. Also, the risk of cancer is increased through excessive tanning.

If you have Acne and follow and anti-Acne treatment you should avoid tanning as the drugs or creams you use generally create a hyper sensibility of the epidermal layers and you could get sunburns all over your skin. During the summer it is best to cover the Acne affected areas of your body with oil-free cream that also has high UV filters and do not forget to use a summer hat and sunglasses.

Myth no.2: The more you wash your face the less Acne manifests

Well, it is good to wash your face in order to remove make-up, dust and other impurities that gather on the skin during the day but you should not do it more than twice a day. Also, when washing your face dermatologists recommend that you use non-alcoholic, soap-free cleansers with gently movements for avoiding skin irritation. Also, avoid scrubbing as it will only harm the skin that already suffers from Acne.

Myth no.3: Squeezing the pimples will make Acne disappear

Even though after the squeezing procedure the pimple will temporarily look less visible the truth is germs will get into the skin from your hands or from inside the pimple and in a day or two the inflammation will be back and more pimples will appear in that skin zone. Plus, you can get scars that will disappear only in a few months or even last forever. If a zit appears in the day you have a date it’s best to cover it up with special products of make-up made for Acne skin.

Myth no.4: If you have Acne you must not use make-up products

This used to have been true 30 years ago. Nowadays the cosmetic companies have special make-up products for Acne skin that are oil-free and to not clog up the pores. Some of them even contain substances that heal pimples, so fell free to use make-up products but do not forget to wash your skin before going to bed in order to remove any tracks of make up from your skin.

Myth no.5: Men that suffer of Acne should not shave

This is partially true. If the pimple is red, painful and seems to have pus men should avoid that zone during shaving for a day or two in order to prevent the infection from spreading to other skin areas too. Otherwise, a sharp blade and a quality shaving gel can be used by a man that has Acne.

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