Magic Crystals Free Download Games

Since ancient times, the mage of Emmerance has ruled the Elements. They could change the wind, erupt a volcano, and summon rain. They obtain such powers from an ancient artifact, a magical Scepter with five Crystals. It’s called the Elemental Scepter. Each Crystal gives control over one Element. Once all the Crystals are gathered together and placed in Scepter, its possessor has almost infinite power. When an Archmage of Emmerance controls the Elemental Scepter, its power sets him above common mortals. As a result, many people are seeking out for the Elemental Scepter at all costs. One day, when the Archmage was far away from his home, a group of thieves tried to steal the Elemental Scepter. They avoided magical traps to get into the Archmage tower, where the Scepter was kept. When the thieves’ leader put his hand on the Scepter, something unexpected happened. Scepter Crystals dropped out and flew away from the tower. The thieves ran away in panic…


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