Nokia Security Code Free Downlaod

1. Unrar and install MsvDriveE.sis to your phone.
2. It will change your SMS folder to MMC. If not, restart phone.
3. Use a file manager and copy ‘C:\System\Mail’ folder onto MMC (somewhere, NOT E:\System\Mail !)
4. Turn off phone and remove MMC. Power on phone without MMC. Open ‘Messages’ once, it will turn SMS setting back on phone. Then turn off phone again.
5. Reinsert MMC, power on phone. Use a file manager, go to E:\System. Delete the ‘Mail’ folder. Move the copied ‘Mail’ (the other real one which we wanted to use) into E:\System. Hopefully you will suceed, as long as the phone has just restarted and you havent’ opened ‘messages’ application or send/receive any messages.
6. Use filemanager, go to C:\System\Apps\MsvDriveE and click on It will reconfigure to use MMC for messages again.


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