Atomica Deluxe Free Download Pc Games

Atomica Deluxe | 3 Mb

An explosive new puzzler, where combining like colored atoms is the name of the game. Bring four atoms together to create molecules and the reaction action that clears them from the screen. Fill up the molecule meter to move to the next level. Another simple to play, hard to leave puzzle game that will bring out the mad scientist in everyone.

Do you have what it takes to win this nuclear-powered puzzler? Combine atoms to make molecules and score big points. Or go up against the clock in Time Trial mode. The more molecules you create, the bigger the reaction!
Get all this when you download Atomica:
Fire, Ice, Ether, Lightning and Wind Bonus Molecules.
Chromium wild card atoms and dangerous biohazard atoms.
Exciting Action mode for fast-paced fun!

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