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Mungkin masih banyak yang bingung kenapa orang-orang pada ngomongin feed melulu, nah banyak juga yang sudah sadar akan betapa pentingnya Feed Ini. Nah untuk itu kali ini saya akan memberikan sebuah arikel tentang RSS Feed untuk anda, biar tidak ada yang bingung lagi masalah RSS feed ini. Bagi yang ingin bergabung di komunitas ini klik disini. Bagi yang merasa ketinggal tips trik blog ikuti dari awal dengan melihat kumpulan arsip Tips Trik Blog OPtimization

Belajar Blog – Optimalkan RSS Feed – Tips Trik Blog – Tips Trik Internet – Blog Optimization – Blog Tools – Blog Terbaik – Tutorial Blog – Bisnis Blog

Optimize your RSS feed Blog.
Use keyword ins the feed title, less than 100 characters. Write your description as if for a directory, less than 500 characters. Use full paths on links and unique urls for each item. Each feed should have a keyword theme. Include images for branding. What are some ways that your can get your RSS beyond the blog. Well, you can use it for affiliate commissions, syndicating your content on other sites. New product announcements, security alerts, product uses tops, and so on. Amanda next goes into a lot of questions to ask about feed implementation. Measuring the results of your feeds is also a good idea. Stats can come from many sources and it’s going to get easier over time to do a lot of this.

Sessions stops for a second, there is a whiny high pitched sound in the background, someone lets them know up front. Been several interruptions this session. Moving on….

Stephan Spencer is up next and he starts by going into the various types of blog search. His suggestions is that your don’t need to optimize for Search engine. He says that full text is important, and not summaries. By default try to keep 20 or more items (not just 10) posts per feed. Make your brand name is in the item title. Be sure to have a compelling description.

Optimizing your blog, his take. Be sure to redo your internal hierarchical linking structure. Tag clouds and tag pages (ultimatetagwarrior plug-in) can be useful. Related posts as also good. List top 10 pots and the next and previous listing. He goes on to talk about tag clouds and so on. You can take many different approaches to listing your tag cloud in different locations. Sometimes these tag clouds can be beneficial on all pages, or just keeping it on the homepage.

Stephan recommends that when optimizing your blog, be sure to add the blog name at the end of the title, not at the beginning. The tag name should do in the title on a tag page. Customize with additional keywords for display only on your home page. The urls can be rewrite to contain keywords, hyphens not underscores. 301 redirects from to Also be sure to make the posts title a link to the permalink page. Use Neat-O-Tool from webuildpages to look for opportunities. Couple other things, be sure to use emphasis tags with posts such as bolds and emphasis. Check.

Belajar Blog – Belajar RSS Feed – Tips Trik Blog – Tips Trik Internet – Blog Optimization – Blog Tools – Blog Terbaik – Tutorial Blog – Bisnis Blog

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