Kenapa Crawler Bisa Mempermudah Kita ?

Bergabung di komunitas ini, lihat kemudahannya disini

Mungkin banyak para blogger pemula yang sedang belajar blog berpikir, buat apa sih kita harus selalu memeberikan suatu perubahan pada blog kita untuk membuat nyaman crawler ??? jika anda masih bingung tentang apa yang crawler berikan kepada kita maka bacalah sebuah artikel berikut ini yang ditulis oleh Lorelle tentang Crawler yang bisa memberikan Blog Optimization.

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In order to get all of your posts into a search engine’s database, the search engine crawler has to find them. As the crawler moves through your blog, it looks for links to the Pages, highlighted posts, next and previous posts, or other internal links within your layout and posts to move through to the next post. Ignored by search engines, orphan posts can happen when a post is disconnected from the other posts.

When possible, add links to your content that connects the phrase or topic to another post on your blog. I’ve included many such examples in this article. Link list features like most recent posts, related posts, or random posts adds more navigational links to connect one post to another. You can add your site map and important Pages and posts to your footer for increased navigation, helping both the user and search engine crawler. A site map, archive, or even posts with lists of other posts on your blog will help connect the links between all of your posts.

To find out which posts from your blog are currently in a search engine database, many search engines allow you to search only for web pages exclusive to a specific domain name. In Google, the search command would be:


Untuk para pengunjung Komunitas Blogger Bali, mari bergabung dengan dengan komunitas kami, lihat ada apa di komunitas ini, klik menu “Join Baliblogier

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  1. woi….
    translit dulu nae artikel dalam bahasa inggris itu…
    tinggal comot aja…
    untung rge ngerti,,klo anak sd yang baca langsung leave dah…
    butuh translator bhs inggris..
    hubungi mr.palupi donk!!!

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