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Akhirnya setelah lama tidak memposting ulasan tentang tips trik blog widget, kali ini saya akan memeberikan sebuah tips trik blog widget untuk para pengunjung baliblogier.

Setelah sekian lama bertualang di dunia maya akhirnya saya mendapatkan “20 analytic tools for blog” berterimakasihlah kepada Lee Oden yang telah menyeleksi beberapa tools sehingga terciptalah urutan 20 besar tools terbaik untuk para blogger.

  • 103bees – Free web stats (ad supported) up to 100k visits per month, then it’s $9
  • Enquisite – Free, extremely detailed web stats
  • Hittail – Provides suggested topics for your blog by keywords used in referral traffic
  • Crazy Egg – Provides overlay, list and heat map web stats
  • RobotReplay – Lets you record visitor actions on your site and play them back
  • Clicky – Web stats plus feed and Feedburner stats
  • Google Analytics – Web stats, not really the best for blogs but it’s free
  • StatCounter – Free web stats
  • Co.mments – Track comment threads starting on your blog and follow them elsewhere in a feed
  • Blog Tracker – Free from IceRocket but limited functionality
  • Performancing Metrics – Basic is Free, or $3.99 to $16.99 per month for more features
  • Site Meter – Basic Free and Premium versions $6.95 and up
  • Mint – Popular web stats with bloggers for $30 per site
  • MyBlogLog – Basic blog visitor stats and social networking. Free and paid versions.
  • Feedburner Stats – StandardStats Free, TotalStats $4.99/mo
  • WordPress Stats – Free basic blog stats plugin for WordPress blogs
  • Google Analytics and Feedburner Stats – Free plugin for WordPress blogs
  • eXTReMe Tracking – Free web stats with a paid version for $4.50 per month
  • Web Stat – Many web stats features for $5/mo
  • TraceWatch – Free but you need access to your server which should be running PHP/MySQL


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