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Mengoptimalisasi Page Title merupakan Tips Trik Blog yang sangat penting diterapkan di wordpess. Tips Trik Blog ini sangat menunjang rating blog anda di mata search engine. Jadi bagi para pengguna wordpress ada baiknya anda mengikuti tips trip blog yang disususn oleh lorrete seperti berikut ini.

This is arguably the most important change you can make to help improve your organic search rankings. Incorporate targeted keywords into your titles, even if this means the page title will be different from the actual post title.

There is a great plugin called the SEO Title Tag plugin for WordPress that will allow you to customize your titles. Download it, place it in your plugins directory (main-blog-directory/wp-content/plugins), and enable it in the Plugins area of Admin.

After you enable the plugin, you will need to add a little code to the header.php page of your theme. Don’t worry. It’s very simple. In the Admin area of your WordPress blog, go to Presentation >> Theme Editor and click the Header link on the right. In the editing window scroll down and find the <title>{code here}</title> element.

Replace everything between <title> and </title> with:

<?php if (function_exists(‘seo_title_tag’)) { seo_title_tag(); } else { wp_title(); bloginfo(‘name’);} ?>

This checks to see if the SEO Title Tag plugin is active. If so, it uses the custom title, if not, it will use the WordPress default.

To set the home page title go to Options >> SEO Title Tag.

To set other page titles, enter the custom title in the Title Tag text field which will now appear when you are writing a post or editing a page or post:


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  1. tanks tips trik blog nya…

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