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Wired recently ran another How To with this one including sage advice from Technorati founder, Dave Sifry on how to make your blog more popular:
1) React quickly. (Nothing is more fun than calling an A lister on hype or fluff)
2) Make your posts easy to read. (Usability never goes out of style)
3) Link, link, link! (Amen – link in and link out)
4) Optimize for search engines. (Get some tasty blog optimization)
5) Post, post, post! (Yes and no – It’s just not always practical to post 5 – 10 times a day)


6 Responses

  1. Posting 5-10 kali perhari?Bagaimana bisa?

  2. Katanya kalo update lbh dr 3x sehari bisa di banned google?

  3. Bisa,saya update blog antara 4-lebih sehari. Makanya blog ini uptodate. Kalau ping lbh dr 3x baru di banned

  4. Ow,saya kira postingnya

  5. Ya,soalnya ping lbh dr 3x kita bkalan dikira spm. Ada yang lae?

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